The hard decisions are done! You’ve selected your community, chosen your builder, fallen in love with a floor plan, and signed your contract. Taking that initial plunge and deciding to build your dream home instead of sifting through all of the resale homes is the most difficult part of the new construction process. It’s all smooth sailing and fine tuning the vision from here.

Home buyers meet with our community managers, their builder, and a few vendors to discuss changes to the floor plan, cabinets, flooring, windows, must-haves, and all the other ins and outs of their new construction home. Although our community managers are with you every step of the way, we’ve laid out some simple steps to help guide you through the process so you can know what to expect.

Redline Meeting

Review Your Plans

Now that you’ve signed your contract, it’s time step through the custom blueprints once more and make sure it is everything you envisioned. It is always great for home buyers to really think about how they can completely customize their new construction home to their wants and needs before heading into this meeting to better help the builder develop a game plan. The redline meeting is the best time to make big changes, especially anything structural.

Once the floor plan has been altered to your liking, the builder will provide a rough timeline of construction and a selections guide with due dates so you know when and where to pick things out. Of course, if there are any questions, our on-site agents are more than happy to give their opinions or examples of what other new construction home buyers have loved in their homes.

Redline Meeting

Let’s Dig Your Basement

Time to Celebrate

Basement Start
Weather, financing, and permits dependent, digging a basement can happen as soon as a week or two after the redline meeting. This is a pretty simple process: the builder will dig the basement and pour foundation. Don’t worry if there are not workers out on your lot once the concrete looks ready to go– it takes time for the concrete to set before framing can begin. Rushing this process can cause structural issues down the road, so patience is key here. Once everything is set, framing can start. This part of the process usually takes a couple of weeks to complete (depending on the size of your home).

Rough-In Walk-Through

All Things Electrical…and a Few Others

Now that framing is done, a meeting is scheduled with buyers to step through every room in the house. This meeting will consist of the location of outlets, placement of light switches, and—if you want—dimmers or three-way light switches. The walk-through is where you’d add canned lights or under-cabinet lighting to your list of must haves. We recommend walking through other model homes before this to get a better idea of what you want and what you want to avoid—think about outlets, lights (Christmas), TV placement, and unsightly cables.

Trim Walk-Through

What Kind of Mantle “Wood” You Like?

Trim Walk-Through
Get excited! Your new construction house is starting to look like an actual home! At this point, the sheet rock is in place, so it’s time for another walk-through to talk pantries, closets, linen cabinets, and the details that truly make this a custom home.

Although most think the space between each shelf in a pantry is pretty standard, those measurements can be completely customized to make the homeowner’s life easier once they’ve moved in. The trim walk-through is the best opportunity to make sure your vision is transferring from paper to home build.  Want a custom shoe shelf in the master closet? Have an ideal fireplace mantle? Will the kitchen island to be a focal point? Now is your time to make those specifications before the final stage begins.

Final Walk-Through

Time to Refine

As you learned when sorting through builders in pre-construction, each one is different and the way that they conduct their final walk-throughs follows that same trend. No matter how the builder does this process, the part that remains the same is that the final walk-through is the time to discuss any concerns, imperfections, paint touch-ups, etc. The builder will continue to refine this home until the buyer is 100% happy with the product they will be receiving.

Closing Time

Keys, Please!

Closing Time
Prior to closing, it is recommended to get all the utilities switched over, submit a change of address, set up the internet, and ask any questions that may come up. On closing day, our community manager will meet you at Security 1st Title to close on your dream home. It’s time to happy dance!
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