October came and went…..next thing we knew, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW. What even happened to the rest of November? Between the election, COVID, new developments, and a couple of staff changes, the days are passing faster than we can keep up with.
We still want to go back and reflect on some of the fun and exciting things that have happened. First, Halloween was a blast! Our office has chosen a theme the past couple of years, which keep getting better and better. The theme this year was “circus” and, let me tell ya, I don’t know how we are going to top it. All of the staff really went all out and had some of the cutest costumes. We also, surprisingly, had a great turnout! The trick-or-treaters were oh so cute and we also got to see some past employees that we were all able to catch up with! We’ve shared a video below of the event.
Estancia phase III opened up in September and has really progressed this month! Before we knew it, street were in and we are now ready to put some model homes up! We could not be more pleased with the efficiency of the construction workers and our builders getting everything ready. We really could not do what we do without all of these moving parts coming and working together.
The Villas at Hampton Lakes has a new phase that is filling up faster than we can get them built–we are so very thankful for this. The Villas at Prestwick is slowly building it’s reputation out on the east side, but is gaining so much attention that our units are not empty for very long once built. There are some new faces working for VAP, with changes that we can’t wait to see the results from.
All in all, considering the world around us, we have had a good year. We are so thankful for our builders, staff, and co-op businesses working to keep this operation afloat. We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.
We hope you all can find positives and have many things to be thankful for within this year of uncertainty.